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Kiskunság National Park, Hungary


Lot of birders come to Hungary to discover the Westernmost edge of the Asiatic steppe what we locally call Puszta which still exists in Central Europe. The best example you can find in Kiskunsag National Park.

Ecotours Kondor EcoLodge is in the middle of this interesting protected area which covers huge, different habitats ranging from moving sand dunes through steppes, alkaline and freshwater lakes, meandering riverine forests, oxbow lakes, wooded pastures and mixed forests. Because of this great variety of habitats the area offers fantastic birding with loads of interesting, characteristic species from Great Bustard, Stone Curlew, Tawny Pipit through Saker and Red-footed Falcon, White-tailed, Short-toed & Imperial Eagle till colourful Roller, Bee-eater, Golden Oriole, Hoopoe, Nightjar, just to mention a few. You can find more detailed list of birds in our area by clicking here.

Daily Birding Outings from Kondor EcoLodge

You can visit lot of the areas of the Kiskunsag National Park and stay at our Kondor EcoLodge as an independent traveller, but we kindly ask you to book in advance.We offer Daily Birding Outings from our base, but we kindly ask you to book in advance. A description of the different areas with some of the potential species you can find here.

Longer Circuit Tours in the Kiskunság

which during the days visit most of the best areas in the Kiskunság National Park are also available for those who stay at us.

Kiskunság Steppes & Bükk Hills, Hungary

Kiskunság Steppe or Puszta can be combined with our favourite Bukk Hills and in this way you can discover two excellent National Parks with completely different habitats, thus species. Beside the previously mentioned grassland species in the vast beechwoods you will have a good chance for Ural & Eagle Owl, almost all European Woodpecker species, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Hawfinch and other woodland species.

Kiskunság, Hungary & Pol'ana, Slovakia

Another unique combination isKiskunság Puszta & an ancient Volcano, Pol'ana in Slovakia. This hilly region is also close to Budapest, but has higher elevation than Bukk Hills in Hungary, so again offers different species such as Pygmy Owl, Firecrest, Three-toed Woodpecker and perhaps even Tengmalm's Owl & Brown Bear. 

All of our Hungarian Birding Tours

We have plenty of other Hungarian Birding Tour offers from the spectacular tens of thousands of Cranes in Autumn through wintering Wallcreepers combined with Budapest to our Raptor Special tour. 

Our Eastern European Birding Tours

All of our Eastern European Birding tour offers can be find here, from the wildlife rich Belarus with Azure Tit, Great Grey Owl, Great Snipe, Aquatic Warbler, Terek Sandpiper, Bison, Wolf Lynx, Elk, Beaver through the traditional, mountaneous Transylvania combined with the amazing Danube Delta, till the Mediterranean Croatia-Slovenia-Italy. 

Latin American & other Worldwide Tours

We also have an office in Mexico from where we offer several Latin American & other Worldwide Birding tours as well covering a wide range of destinations from Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Guatemala, Belize till Ethiopia or Uganda just to mention a few.