Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary

Other Invertebrates

Well, this should be the longest list if anyone would concentrate on observing species which do not belong to the other listed groups. Species here obviously belong to various taxa. The following short list is just to give an idea.

Ladybird Spider - Eresus cinnaberinus

you have a very limited time-window to watch the beautiful male before it is eaten by the female

Wolf Spider - Lycosa singoriensis

this is an amazing large spider, looks like a tarantula

Roman snail - Helix pomatia

after rainy days they are everywhere, you have to be careful where to step!

Cockchafer - Melolontha melolontha

certain years it is very common almost everywhere during May 

Pollen chafer - Oxythyrea funesta

it is like wearing a hairy, furry coat

Rose chafer - Cetonia aurata

it is the most common chafer in the area

Firebug - Pyrrhacoris apertus

during evening it is always interesting to see the morse signs emitted by their light

Lesser Stag Beetle - Dorcus paralellepipedus

it is a very common local beetle in the lowlands of Kiskunság