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Wildlife & Photography Centre
Kiskunság National Park, Hungary


Kondor EcoLodge Garden species or near garden species 

which can be found by a short walk and some patience

Eurasian Souslik or Ground Squirrel - we have a very strong population within about half mile. Montague's Harrier's and Common Buzzards, but sometimes even Saker Falcons check out the funny-looking rodents. 

Eastern or White-bellied Hedgehog - regular in the garden

Mole- since we have sandy soil they have an easy life at our place

Red Squirrel- fortunately we do not have a trouble with the Grey ones at us

Red Fox- sometimes we have youngs close to the garden

Roe Deer- good numbers in the neighbouring forests and fields

Brown Hare- common on the fields, surprisingly large ones

Common Shrew- although it is common, not easy to see

Bats - Lesser Mouse Eared Bat, Gray Long-eared Bat, Soprano Pipistrelle

Other species which possible in the Kiskunság National Park

Wildboar - frequents mainly the floodplain forests and meadows

Badger - not very common to find them, they mainly nocturnal

Otter - yearly we have some lucky observations at our lake hide or at a channel

Stoat or Hermin - likes the reedy areas around the larger lakes 

Weasel common, still not easy to see

Eversman's Polecat -has the Westernmost distribution here in Europe, very rare

Golden Jackal - has good populations close to our place, easier to hear than see

Eurasian Harvest Mouse - very common, hopefully not in your room ! :-)

Mammal Photos made in Kiskunsag and Bukk